Year of Listening 2017

This year’s platform for the CCDP is the Year of Listening.

Through our current administration we have learned that Democrats must behave like Democrats, and go back to basics: listen, connect, represent.

So, our goals for this year is to canvass, listen, and to represent to our community.

We will each out to 5,000 Democrats and ask, “How can we serve you?” We will build a platform around what we hear, and craft a winning strategy around it. We will recruit candidates who are committed to earning each and every vote. We will listen, ask tough questions, and tell the stories of working people.

We will be the voice for our community and we will be the change we hope to see here, and in North Carolina.

A year from now, we will run a full slate of Democratic candidates: not one unopposed office. We will call for them, knock on doors for them, stand in the rain for them.

In dark times, go back to basics. Do the obvious things.

We need your help.


Right now!

  • We are phone banking, calling Democrats as part of our Year of Listening: Each Monday and Thursday evenings, 6-9 PM at our Headquarters in downtown Lenoir. Please join us!


  • We will also be starting canvassing this summer, engaging in conversations with Dems all over Caldwell County. If you would like to join us, please contact Michael Careccia, Volunteer Coordinator and Third Vice Chair.


  • We will be asking folk to join us in conversation at listening meetings, which we will be holding through the summer, by Precinct. For more information on this, please contact Jackie Ferguson, First Vice Chair.


  • Caldwell County Democratic Women are actively researching a number of key local and regional issues, and working to craft thoughtful position papers for the Party. If you are interested, please contact CCDW President, and CCDP Second Vice Chair Nicole Schwenkbeck.


  • If you would like to help craft our message, join our Social Media Team! Contact us here.