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Michael Careccia
Michael Careccia



  • Age: 25
  • Profession: apprentice electrician
  • Has lived in Caldwell County for 6 years


  • Education
    • Making sure our schools are properly funded for providing:
      • teachers with necessary material for educating students
      • school buildings with much needed repairs and maintenance
    • Working closely with educators to create training programs that are relevant to 21st Century jobs   
  • Economic Growth
    • Seeking plans to use Hwy 321 to draw in tourism, to better strengthen our local businesses
    • Addressing poverty and seeking real living wage jobs
  • Opioid Issue
    • Addressing the opioid issue as a health issue first and foremost
    • Investing in drug treatment centers
  • Environment
    • Bringing in clean energy alternatives such as solar farms and wind turbines
    • Promoting strong initiatives to clean up the litter that has been accumulating around the county, and keeping Caldwell County clean
  • Community Healthcare
    • Pushing for much needed progress within the county’s healthcare
  • Openness in County Government
    • Will participate in all aspects of county government
    • Will always report back to the citizens of Caldwell County
    • Will be active and have strong involvement within the community


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