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Brian Foster
Brian Foster



  • Age: 31
  • Profession: financial solutions advisor
  • Lived in Caldwell County for 27 years


  • Economic growth
    • Promoting living wages and full-time benefits
    • Growing local businesses
    • Downtown development
    • Keeping corporate profits local
  • Stronger community
    • Mentoring our youth
    • Retaining our youth
    • Speaking up for nonprofits
    • Building houses
  • Transparency
    • Honoring the public’s right to be well-informed of the county’s business
    • Ensuring more interaction between county officials and our community
    • Publishing a line-item budget

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Foster for Commissioner

Looking out for young people in Caldwell County is a daily practice for Brian Foster. Whether he’s teaching adolescent health at our elementary and middle schools, organizing a youth conference for his church, or taking care of his nieces and nephews, Foster is deeply...