We had a great day at our Art Auction for the CCDems!

Although we didn’t fill up all of the chairs we managed to raise over $4k at the Art Auction!
Our two auctioneers, Ted Muscarelli and Eric Hauss, switched off every few lots and worked with each other and the audience to have successful bids. They were both very engaged and fun to watch. Thank you Ted and Eric for coming out and supporting our cause! We enjoyed watching you work!

Right now,  the CCDems is celebrating our hard work and rejoicing in all of our support which resulted in a successful fundraiser!

We would like to send a special thanks to:
  •  The Vanna White Boys: Allen, Mike, Michael and The Colonel for carrying around the art and showing it off during bidding.
  •  Carly ‘Lucy’ Schwartz: For looking like a dream out of an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode and efficiently tracking the winning bidder and hammer price and still managing to win several lots for herself.
  •  ‘Typhoid Holly’ Aldridge: Who managed while feeling really poorly to do her usual mathematical wonders during registration and check out, and for getting our Square up and running.  A real trooper, Holly, seriously!
  •  Michael C. for also being my best helper ever, Jack of all Trades, and willing to help while smiling.  Appreciate the road sign placement work – that was awesome.
  •  Diane Blanton: For helping keep things moving at registration / checkout and putting up with me when I’m in ‘hair on fire’ mode.  Thank you for your patience, and I’m being nice to Allen, I promise.
  •  Barbara Kirby, Tom Blanton, Art Sherwood, Nicole Schwenkbeck, Jackie Ferguson for ‘representing’ and also bidding and winning lots of good artwork
Thank you for the donations and your purchases.  I think we all came home with some great items for ourselves and for gifts.  And the hors d’oeuvres at Cedar Rock were well received, too.
While we rejoice in this successful moment the CCDems will continue to work and pursue our presence as Democrats of the High Country! Again, thank you team and our community for keeping the Caldwell County Democratic Party grassroots Activism vibrant.
Terri M. Johnson
Fundraising Coordinator