2018: Year of Action

We’ve been very productive over the last couple of months in our efforts to recruit candidates, further organize precincts, and develop a County Platform for presentation at our upcoming County Convention on March 24th. With the help of a generous benefactor, we’ve also been searching for a headquarters that will last us through the 2020 election cycle.

Caldwell Democrats will be on the November ballot for both County Commission seats, Clerk of Court, the NC House, and the NC Senate. There will be a Primary election in May for the two County Commission candidates between Tom Blanton, Michael Careccia, and Brian Foster.

Incumbent Kim Clark filed again for Clerk of Court. Amanda Bregel will be on the ballot for the NC House, and Dr. Art Sherwood is making a second bid for the NC Senate, this time for District 46, which includes Avery and Burke.

Democrats will contest all 170 seats in the General Assembly.

Throughout North Carolina and in Caldwell County, this is our Year of Action.

The most important fact about midterm election success is turnout. The most important fact about turnout is contacting voters. And the most important fact in contacting voters is volunteers. We need your help. This year, it will pay off. This year, we will start winning.

If you are interested in helping us text, call, or visit Democrats and Unaffiliated voters in order to communicate our candidates’ positions and ideas, please email caldwelldemschair@gmail.com.

When I was first elected Chair, I knew 2018 would prove a pivotal election for our county, our state, and our country. The energy and commitment of our candidates and volunteers confirms this. With six campaigns running, with serious and pressing issues to debate, and with a bright future ahead of us, I very much look forward to the busy weeks and months ahead.

Paul A. Custer, Chair