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About Us

Our Vision


First, it is very important to thank and recognize the outgoing Officers and Board members, who got the Party up and running this past Fall. It is no easy thing to do this in Caldwell County. I am humbled and excited to be allowed to carry this work forward.

What is in front of us?

In dark times, there are also loud voices of reason and compassion (look at Caldwell Women Rise). And there are 14,000 registered Democrats in Caldwell County. (Did you know that?)

Democrats must behave like Democrats, and go back to basics: listen, connect, represent.

So: 2017 will be our Year of Listening. We will reach out to 5,000 Democrats and ask, “How can we serve you?” We will build a platform around what we hear, and craft a winning strategy around it. We will recruit candidates who are committed to earning each and every vote. We will listen, ask tough questions, and tell the stories of working people.

We will be the change we hope to see here, and in North Carolina.

A year from now, we will run a full slate of Democratic candidates: not one unopposed office. We will call for them, knock on doors for them, stand in the rain for them.

In dark times, go back to basics. Do the obvious things.

We need your help.

Paul A. Custer

Our Team

Paul A. Custer, Chair
Art Sherwood, Chair of the Candidates Committee
Jackie Ferguson, 1st Vice Chair
Nicole Schwenkbeck, 2nd Vice Chair
Michael Careccia, Third Vice Chair
Barbara Kirby, Secretary
Terri Johnson, Fundraising Chair