On February 6th at 6 p.m. in Hudson’s Local Bean coffee shop, the caffeine and the artwork were not the only sources of inspiration. The open political conversation among candidates Amanda Bregel, Tom Blanton, Michael Careccia, Dr. Scott Donaldson, and a room full of Caldwell County voters was invigorating.

The night’s announcement of Bregel’s campaign for North Carolina House District 87 was hosted by the CCDP. Many local Democrats came to listen and show their support.

“community work is never, ever done.”

Bregel was raised by a school teacher and an active-duty naval officer. Her parents, church, and school provided her with strong values. Bregel received a Teaching Fellow scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Through service opportunities in college, Bregel learned that “community work is never, ever done,” and this lesson took her to Kenya where she served as a missionary for two years. Bregel then moved to Caldwell County for a teaching position, and it is here, in our county, that she feels she found a true home.

For the past six years, Bregel has lived in Caldwell and worked at our Early College. Now, she wants to give back to the community that has so lovingly adopted her.

Bregel sees how strong, resilient, and passionate Caldwellians are, but she also sees how much support our county still needs.

A few of the issues Bregel touched on in her speech include the need for health care, particularly as seen in the opioid crisis and mental health issues facing the county; the desire to keep youth in the county by building up public education, the community college, and high school apprenticeships; the importance of developing the economy by supporting local businesses and providing living wages; and the environmental protection of western North Carolina.


Bregel received endorsements from a number of local voters and others running for office, but it was Sophie, a tenth grader in one of Bregel’s classes, who made the largest impact when she spoke of her teacher’s commitment to showing students possible career options within Caldwell County. “If I could vote, then I would help her out,” Sophie added.

Once elected, Bregel says she will continue to listen to the concerns and dreams of the people. “Now that this is official, that’s my goal: to listen,” Bregel said. “What are the things you care about?”

As Paul Custer, Chair of CCDP, said at the opening of the meeting, “Look for a blue wave in 2018. It’s already coming.”

To learn more about Amanda Bregel and her campaign for NC House, visit her website, amandafornchouse.org.